Chains of Fury Official Gameplay Trailer

Chains of Fury – Official Gameplay TrailerCheck out the gameplay trailer for the unique Chains of Fury, a high-speed first-person shooter with stylized comic-book-style cel-shaded images and Metroidvania-style gameplay. It will be launching its Kickstarter on November 9 with the aim of releasing it on all platforms. Get more info at

Alan Wake Remastered

SUMMARYAn excessive psychological thriller, Alan Wake creates a genuine cinematic experience. Explore an expansive world stuffed with missions, unique puzzles, intense combat, and horrifying enemies. Dig into a twisting and multi-layered story filled with suspense, engaging characters, and surprising revelations.Violence, Blood, Language, Use of Alcohol, Use of TobaccoRelease Date: 10-5-21 get more info at

Amazon Astro is a “Disaster

These characterizations of Astro’s performance, mast, and safety structures are actually inaccurate. Astro went via rigorous trying out on both nice and safety, consisting of tens of heaps of hours of testing with beta participants. This consists of comprehensive testing on Astro’s superior safety system, which is designed to keep away from objects, discover stairs,Continue reading “Amazon Astro is a “Disaster”

Centipede: Recharged

SUMMARYThe authentic bug-blasting arcade recreation is back! Centipede: Recharged has been reimagined for contemporary gameplay, with shiny visuals designed for modern-day screens, a 16:9 subject of play, and an authentic soundtrack from award-winning video recreation composer Megan McDuffee.Mild Fantasy ViolenceRelease Date 9-29-21 up your gaming skills and crush it!!! if you dare. Get more infoContinue reading “Centipede: Recharged”

Battle Field 2042: How to Access the Open Beta

EA has finally printed the dates for its upcoming Battlefield 2042 Open Beta, and it starts real soon. Early get right of entry to will be beginning on October 6, with solely these who have preordered (see at Amazon), alongside EA Play members, enjoying the Beta till October 7. From October 8-9, the Beta willContinue reading “Battle Field 2042: How to Access the Open Beta”